How Do Conflicts Hurt Your Mental Wellness?


This world is full of complex people with unique personalities and individual differences. Because of this variance, it is more than normal for personalities to clash, leading to conflict.

As we provide psychiatric care, we know that, despite being common and expected, conflict can be highly detrimental to our overall wellness. How does it hurt our mental health?

  • Constant Worry
    For one, getting into an argument with someone can heighten your anxiety levels. Employing anxiety management techniques can be helpful during conflicts, but addressing the root of the conflict will always be the best way to address conflict-related worry.
  • Source of Stress
    Conflict, especially those that last long-term, will be a constant source of stress. It’s hard to fully relax knowing you’re not at peace with someone. Your mental health can deteriorate when this stress becomes too much to handle.
  • Immediate Danger
    In many cases, conflicts can lead to immediate danger. Many people often lose composure and may do something harmful to others. Conflicts can trigger this aggressive behavior, endangering everyone involved.
  • Strained Relationships
    Some level of conflict, when resolved, will help social relationships flourish. But when prolonged, these conflicts often lead to the deterioration of relationships, which can hurt one’s social and personal life.

Here at NORTHRIDGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, we are more than happy to help you navigate through the many stressors of life, including conflicts. Our mental health services in Texas can be the tools you need for a more fulfilling life.

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