What Are the Ways to Keep Anxiety at Bay?


Anxiety is frequently described as a persistent and excessive concern that a person is unable to manage and is associated with the expectation of a future threat. It is also defined as an emotion marked by tension, concerned thoughts, and bodily changes.

It can be experienced differently from person to person. While certain people require the help of mental health services to overcome their anxiety, others can significantly gain from self-help techniques.

If you’re wondering what such techniques are, allow us here at NORTHRIDGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, a top-notch provider of mental health services in Texas, to lend you a hand. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Take a time-out

    Taking a step back from the situation will help clear your mind and reduce any worry you may be experiencing. You can accomplish this by doing yoga, listening to music, meditating, getting a massage, or learning relaxation techniques.

  • Limit alcohol and caffeine

    Consuming these substances should be controlled because they are known to increase anxiety and potentially trigger panic attacks.

  • Get involved

    Volunteering or finding other ways to become involved in your community can help you build a network of support that will help you escape the stress of everyday life.

  • Learn what triggers your anxiety

    One of the most effective strategies to alleviate anxiety is to look for a pattern of what provokes it in the first place. It helps to write it down to keep track of the factors.

If you’d like to seek help from professionals, you can take advantage of our telehealth services in San Antonio, Texas.

Access high-quality psychiatric care with us today!

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