Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Self-Medicate


Like any other physical condition or illness, self-medicating for your mental health problems is never a good idea. It is always a good practice to get in touch with your health provider before taking certain medicines or drugs to alleviate your discomfort.

As a provider of mental health services in San Antonio, Texas, our staff at NORTHRIDGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH is keen on educating our patients and their loved ones about the importance of following prescriptions. Self-medication harbors countless cons to your health, and as such, we would like to share the following facts on why you should never try this yourself.

If you are receiving psychiatric care in Texas, self-medication is the last thing you should do. There are healthier ways than self-medication to cope with problems and improve your feelings. Self-medication can provide short-term relief, but it only exacerbates the problem over time. Regardless of whether you look at alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs (or food or tobacco), regular self-medication can lead to increased addiction, mood disorders, as well as severe health problems. It also undermines relationships at home, at work, and at school.

Should you be experiencing the hardship of life, such as the challenges of emotional and mental turmoil, you can always approach mental health and behavioral experts to guide you. Aside from that, talk to your loved ones and seek help. Seeking help does not make you weak; it is your first step toward reclaiming your strength.

Aside from telehealth services, our mental health care clinic offers professional medication management and psychotherapy. We implement a Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) to see if our patients’ medicinal intake is effective and safe. We work closely with your physician and other health care providers to guarantee your medical well-being.

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