What You Should Know About Mental Health Medication

What You Should Know About Mental Health Medication

The usage of medication to treat mental illness has long been a point of contention in society. Many people misunderstand and discriminate against it, leading those who need help to hesitate from seeking it.

As a provider of mental health services in San Antonio, Texas, we would like to debunk the stigma and encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to get support. Hence, we have made this list of things you should know about medication management for mental health:

  • Medication Does Not Change Who You Are

    Mental health medication works by addressing a disorder’s physiological symptoms, or the symptoms beyond your control. These include appetite, fatigue, and changes in sleep.

    According to research, most personality changes that occur from medication management are typically positive and are associated with the lowering of these physiological symptoms. Therefore, remember that while you are affected by the way your brain works, this does not define you.

  • Needing Medication Is Not a Form of Weakness

    Whether it is needing medication or psychiatric care in Texas, having issues with your mental health does not mean you are weak.

    Some brains just need extra help with producing neurotransmitters. It is the same thing with bodies that cannot produce their own insulin.

  • You Cannot Depend on Medication Alone

    Medication can help you deal with symptoms of your mental health condition, but you still need to practice coping skills and make changes to your lifestyle and environment. You must be willing to commit.

NORTHRIDGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH offers medication management to help you with your therapy. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this, our telehealth services, and other mental health services.

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