Being Emotionally Supportive to Older Adults


Emotional support from quality relationships is a must for all age groups. For older adults, it is even more critical to combat cognitive decline and mental health issues. Coping with the challenges of life is more manageable when we are surrounded and supported by other people.

At the earliest onset of mental health issues, our families can help by giving their elderly members the mental health services in Texas that they need. Encouraging older adults to seek psychiatric help is beneficial in eliminating the stigma surrounding psychiatric conditions and services.

Emotional support through active listening also has a profound advantage in managing even minor problems. It makes older people feel seen, validated, and valued to express their feelings no matter how insignificant they may seem. Being a good listener also involves a non-judgmental stance. Unnecessary criticisms and unsolicited advice may only worsen the already existing mental health problems.

Another way of being emotionally supportive is by being eager to lend a hand in the practical tasks of older people. Typical methods include assisting with home maintenance, grocery shopping, offering a ride to medical appointments, personal care activities, and setting up electronic devices during the scheduled telehealth services in San Antonio, Texas are some examples.

Both family members and medical professionals can also motivate older people to move around more frequently. Exercising and engaging in activities that an individual is interested in has tremendous benefits on the emotional, cognitive, and psychological well-being. For instance, art therapy is widely accepted in psychiatric care as a complementary treatment for mental disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

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